It’s time to put video marketing at the center of your digital strategy! 

Video marketing is an opportunity for your business to shine in a new way. And if you do already use video in your marketing mix, your approach needs to match with the current trends. Not all videos are created equal! 

Are you ready to start filming your video marketing campaign? 

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Video Marketing for Increased Viewer Interactions 

A shocking 79% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a product vs. reading text. 

In fact, shopping-related videos in particular are a huge growth opportunity right now. The watch time for this format continues to grow. 

At this instant, TikTok is the video platform with all the momentum. E-commerce on TikTok is the gold standard for examples of effective online sales through video. To point out a fun, lucrative idea, check out the live streaming sales opportunities on TikTok. 

While this provides a great ROI, it’s still just as important to strategically select the type of content your particular audience is going to love! 

Adjust Video Content for All Audience

Let’s dive into the specifics! 

To maximize exposure for high-engagement videos, you have to aim your content at the right audience. Today’s viewers prefer personalization over perfection. 

Queue the term microtargeting

Microtargeting calls marketing professionals to be hyper-specific with the message. That end product, or video, in this case, will then only go to segmented audiences. 

The importance of video marketing is at its finest with microtargeting. For example, in B2B marketing, a company can set up different buyer personas that correlate to certain stages of their services. Then, they select personalized video messages that fit with that particular profile. 

Tailor your video content based on the desired action or outcome from your customers or clients. It will set you apart. 

Successful Video Marketing Tips for 2021

The biggest mistake you can make is rushing into it. 

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Take some time to think through the full process. You’ll want to incorporate a video marketing strategy into your current digital plan. 

Keep in mind the goals of your content before you proceed. Ultimately, the goal is to establish authority and be authentic so your viewers trust you. 

With this purpose in mind, it will be easy to share relevant knowledge to obtain meaningful traffic via video!

It’s really exciting to start now that you have established these ambitious goals, but it can be more time-consuming than you might initially expect. 

Create a step-by-step timeline for all of your video content creation so you don’t fall behind. It should include:

  • Pre-production mapping
  • Production stage 
  • Post-production editing and distribution 

Remember that post-production tasks can take just as long as the first two stages combined. Because of this, don’t underestimate the amount of time you need to edit and publish! 

It’s All About The Metrics

You may already know you need to check the analytics to get the most of your marketing mix. Video marketing is no exception. 

Analytics will be a sure way to measure your results and make adjustments. To optimize, track these metrics: views, engagement, and length of view.

With the proper planning and regular data review, we are confident you’ll see video marketing pay off in 2021.

Incorporate Video Marketing For Your Business

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