As you have probably noticed, the popularity for video marketing has skyrocketed. 

Young adults and teens are straying away from lengthy reports and articles, and are leaning towards videos to get and pass information. 

This is important because the power videos have as a marketing tool is immense. 

To truly grow your online presence and gain consistent customers, video marketing must be implemented in your digital marketing strategy.

But how?

Keep reading to find out why video marketing is important for customers and how to implement videos in your marketing strategy.

Growth & Importance of Video Marketing in 2020

The rise of video’s started with the rise of social media. When social media grew to the height that we know today, more and more types of videos were made and shared.

Apps like Youtube are a huge trend and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

The average person will spend 100 minutes everyday watching online videos in 2021.

That’s not all!

Here are some Youtube usage statistics that you should be aware of:

  • Users upload more than 500 hours of videos a minute. 
  • 1 billion hours of Youtube videos are watched daily.
  • 70% of all Youtube videos are consumed through mobile devices.
  • Youtube reaches more 18 – 49 year olds in a week than all cable networks combined.
  • Shopping-related-videos’ watch time grew by more than 5x over the past 2 years.

You see the point, right? Consumers love videos. 

The increased popularity of videos has caught the eye of many digital marketers.

Video Marketing User Statistics in 2020

In 2015, only 33% of marketers said video marketing gave them positive ROI.

News flash! Now, 88% of marketers say it. 

That illustrates again just how much consumers are LOVING videos. 

But here’s the catch. With digital marketers now understanding that this is what catches the eye of the consumer, the competition is getting tough.

How To Get Your Strategy Moving

Consumers like videos that reflect their interest. 

To paraphrase Ariana Grande, they see it, they like it, they want it, they buy it!

So as a digital marketer, it’s important to find out what the target audience likes and adjust the online presence and video marketing strategy to their likes and needs.

In the state of media consumption today, consumer’s attention spans are getting smaller. 

Just look at the current trendy video apps like TikTok or Reels on Instagram . Tons of successful ads are coming through these apps and the videos are only 15 seconds long!

There are also tons of other types of videos you can use:

  • Vlogs
  • Tutorial videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Video ads

The list goes on.

People share the videos with their friends. BAM! You got yourself a loyal consumer base!

You just have to find what type of videos your target audience likes.

Maybe if the audience is towards the younger side then it might be smarter to have a short video. If your audience is more mature then a one or two minute video might be better.

Find this information and you’re good to go!

Growing Your Online Presence with Video

Videos are the latest way for you to grow your online presence in 2020. It will keep evolving so it’s time to get with the times and build out your digital marketing strategy.

It might sound like a difficult task but we can help!

At Colibri, we have digital marketing experts that are up-to-date on the latest trends like video marketing. 

So if you need help for your digital marketing, from blog to video. 
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