As the Coronavirus runs rampant, you have probably switched your traditionally physical business to an online one. Or, you are thinking about growing an online business for the first time to stay afloat.

Wherever you may be, you might be struggling to find ways to generate traffic for your website. Sound familiar?

Well if that’s the case for you, there is one effective solution:

Content Marketing! 

If you have begun dipping your toes into the world of digital marketing, you may have heard the phrase “Content is king.” So how exactly do the benefits of content marketing affect your business.

Content marketing is the KEY to staying relevant and creating an online presence for your business. Regardless of whether you are entering a new or foreign market, content marketing can help you tremendously! 

Continue reading to find out the top 5 benefits of content marketing and how valuable it will be for your business in improving its online presence!

1. Higher Brand Awareness (in a less annoying way than traditional marketing)

People don’t like to be disrupted in the middle of the day by someone trying to sell them something. This is why over 40% of internet users already have adblockers! And that number is going up. 

content marketing benefits

This is where content marketing can help!

People don’t want to be bombarded with ads that have nothing to do with whatever problem they are looking to fix. What they need is relevant answers! And content marketing PROVIDES relevant answers. 

By creating content that strategically answers the most commonly asked questions in your niche market, you will end up with satisfied readers, who will then have a more positive association with your brand.

More satisfied readers = more possible customers!

The key takeaway is to keep your brand consistent and continue building awareness through content. This will transfer to brand recognition as the long-term goal is to make yourself a name that people know and trust. 

2. More Traffic to Your Site

Adding more quality content will help your website build a larger digital footprint. This will increase the chances of your business being found in search results.

In addition, when you create search engine optimized content that answers a question, you are more likely to gain a higher ranking in the search engines. Higher rankings again means a higher chance of being found in search results! 

Generate More Leads

An added benefit of generating more traffic to your site is generating more leads – aka more paying customers! 

Content marketing helps you educate customers on what they’ve been searching for. This will help you build a relationship with your target audience and bring your potential customers 1 step closer to making a purchase.

Leads from online marketing, or inbound leads, have a 14.6% conversion rate. On the other hand, traditional leads such as cold calling and direct mail, or outbound leads, only have a 1.7% conversion rate. In this battle, inbound leads clearly have the advantage! 

In addition, if you look at the chart below, you can see that email marketing and SEO are preferred at a much higher rate for sourcing high value leads in comparison to direct mail and print ads.

A benefit of content marketing (SEO-optimized) is it helps generate more leads. As the image shows, SEO is a preferred channel for sourcing high value leads.

3. More Trust from Your Audience

Another major benefit of content marketing is establishing trust with your audience.

Your audience is much more likely to trust your advice and recommendations when you create value without taking anything in return. 

Creating new content that shows your responsiveness in your respective industry can help boost your authority and gain the trust of your audience. You can achieve this by staying on top of trends and frequently publishing relevant content. 

Customers are more likely to have a positive association with your company when they see more quality content.

Become the brand that is always there – when your customer opens their email, when they pull up Instagram, and when they go to Tweet something funny.

benefits of content marketing
Example of an email notification from a company’s blog. This will allow readers to know right away when there is a new post and keep readers of the blog up to date about the company.

A company can’t expect to win if they aren’t showing up to the game! 

4. Stronger Credibility that Results in Niche Authority 

Showing your expertise in your niche makes people want to buy your product over others. A consistently updated blog with SEO content is able to help you establish this credibility and maintain your image as a reputable source with specialized knowledge.

Imagine: You are a small business looking to invest in an invoice automation tool. You’re willing to put down a decent sum of money in order to save your business loads of time. 

One platform you come across has a manicured website that is frequently updated with blog posts on current events and how-to articles that are informative and fresh. 

Another software has an outdated page and a few articles, one of which includes an incorrectly captioned picture. 

Who are you going to buy from?

It’s a no-brainer, right?

The bottom line is, you want to leave your customers feeling empowered, knowledgeable, and ready to make an informed decision. Leave your customers feeling confident – your business will benefit because of it!

You NEED to keep your website fresh and relevant with new content related to the market your business focuses on – consistently! 

5. A Direct Channel of Communication with Your Target Audience

The more you share and promote your content, the more people your business will connect with. You can begin by connecting with the people who comment on your post. 

Reply to them! Answer their question! These are all your potential customers. When you answer their questions, it gives you the opportunity to become a trusted source for helpful information.

This way, when the need arises, you’ll be the go-to business to solve their problem!

Drive Business Growth with Valuable Content 

Each of the aforementioned benefits of content marketing is necessary to build your authority as a brand. Without established authority, it will be difficult to grow your presence online. 

HubSpot tells us, “Your job isn’t to close deals, it’s to open relationships.” Expertly prepared valuable content is able to do just that.

Content Marketing Considerations

Whether you are making small tweaks or make large adjustments to your digital marketing strategy, it should be a consistent fixture! Once you have decided to implement it, you should consider:

  1. Your target audience and how their specific grouping will benefit from the content.
  2. The level of consistency you need to maintain relevance and be top-of-mind in the target audience.
  3. The value proposition of each individual article that helps you establish authority. ( Identify what they want and need, then present it to them through value-driven content and transparency. )

Build Your Business Using Content Marketing

Creating your own content that is SEO optimized can be a complicated task. Plus, having blog posts that generate web traffic also takes a lot of time and practice!

That’s where we come in!

At Colibri, we can help you create tailored sales-driven content to build your company’s authority and help grow your business online. Connect with our content experts anytime at

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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