About Colibri

Meet your multicultural market entry partner.

Our name defines us.

The colibrí (hummingbird in Spanish) is a native species of the Americas, particularly revered in Mayan culture.

They represent joy, adaptability, and love. They are diverse, dynamic, and resilient.

 At Colibri, we embody these virtues to make us the best messengers for businesses entering any market.

Our Vision

To make foreign markets less foreign.

Our team is everywhere.

We call our fully remote team, Freebirds. We are  multicultural business and market entry strategists, scattered across the globe.

Our team is comprised of 7 different nationalities and speak 7 different languages. 

We are all united by a common mission: to bridge the gap between diverse markets.

Our Mission

To bridge the digital gap between diverse markets.




Exceeding the expectations of our clients and each other by assuring work is of the highest quality.


Finding where opportunities may have gone unnoticed and creating innovative market entry solutions.

Int'l Expertise

Demonstrating a high level multicultural and multilingual knowledge to enter new markets.

Alegría (Joy)

Keeping a positive attitude in everything we do so we can always be a blessing to others.


Becca Dossantos

CEO & Founder
Becca has a degree in Marketing from the University of Florida and a certificate in SEO Training. She grew up in a Hispanic/Brazilian family in Florida, and always maintained a strong connection to her heritage. After working as an SEO Manager at a consulting company in Colombia, she decided to create her own agency that embodied her nomadic values. She has lived in the U.S., Spain, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia.

Madison Canonigo

Madison has a degree in Latin American Economics from the University of Florida and a certificate in Latin American studies from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile. She is dedicated to the idea of sustainable development in Latin America, using the internet as a tool to educate and enhance people’s lives. Originally from South Florida, she has lived in the U.S., Brazil, Chile, Argentina, the Cayman Islands, France, and NZ.

Melissa Rodriguez

Content Creator
Hailing from the sunny metropolis Miami, Melissa earned a degree in public relations from the University of Florida. She's a professional wordsmith with an interest in hospitality, technology, travel, and entertainment. She's a self-proclaimed workaholic who thrives in a creative, collaborative environment.

Morgan Rash

Content Creator
Originally from Lakeland, Florida, Morgan is an extremely talented digital marketing professional with ample experience in writing sales-driven web copy and designing marketing materials. Morgan is the definition of a #hustler who is energized by constantly learning new marketing strategies and implementing them for our clients.

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