As you may know, SEO is what helps get your website better traffic quality. You may have also noticed an increase in SEO techniques and their effectiveness.

Google is used for over 3.5 billion searches on the daily! They are continuously developing and becoming smarter in understanding websites and providing people with the best information. 

So, understanding how to appeal to the Google algorithm through up to date SEO techniques can increase your ranking and visibility.

Additionally, the SERPs have been transforming. Therefore, it would be profitable to your company to keep up with these changes, as well.

Four SEO techniques you can use to your advantage are:

  1. Conduct an SEO audit of your website → improves user experience
  2. Have an SEO Optimized Landing Page
  3. Create longer content
  4. Make your website mobile friendly

How can these SEO techniques and tools help you stay relevant in the SEPRs? Keep reading as we elaborate on these four techniques to maintain an SEO rich website for your company.

1. Conducting an SEO Audit of Your Site

Before we get into how an SEO audit is beneficial, let’s talk about what it is. 

An SEO audit is the systematic examination of the overall performance of a site to determine where it needs improvement.

 Completing an audit on your website will allow you to outline and work towards goals of improvement.

There are six things you should be checking for in an SEO audit. They are:

  1. Meta titles and description on all your site’s pages
  2. That all your site pages are optimized for SEO keywords
  3. An optimized URL to be recognized by search engines
  4. Proper formatting of all pages and posts
  5. Keywords in image ALT tags
  6. Links, both inbound and outbound

Fixing any errors with the things listed helps not only to rank your website higher, but to also increase the site’s overall performance.

2. Having an SEO Optimized Landing Page

An SEO strategy that is very profitable but often overlooked is the creation of landing pages.

For starters, a landing page is a web page that is specifically for converting visitors into leads.

44% of clicks for B2B companies send visitors to the homepage. In actuality they should be sending visitors to landing pages.

You can drive traffic into the landing page using email marketing or even conference invitations. Ultimately, you get your audience onto a landing page that has a call to action directed at them.

Moreover, incorporating a landing page into your SEO technique, promotes positive impressions, creates trust through emotional elements, and increases conversion rate.

3. Creating Longer Content

Longer content seems to have a significant effect on SEO. 

In SEO longer content compiles more inbound links that lead to better rankings and traffic for your company. There is no set word limit that is perfect and writing longer content isn’t necessary for every single post. However, having content long enough to answer people’s inquiries is ideal. 

Also, it is possible to touch on different questions your audience may have, all in one post, which maximizes how informative your content can be.

Most importantly, longer content dominates the search rankings. Thus, providing your company with more exposure.

Lengthy content pieces will allow for more traffic and gives you the opportunity to satisfy your audiences 

4. Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Currently, most searches and nearly half of all purchases occur on a mobile device. Let’s not forget that Google went mobile first.

Focusing on the mobile experience creates a better user experience. It is convenient and caters to the 77% of Americans with a smartphone and all the people who conduct transactions mobily. 

Having your website look appealing across all platforms, including mobile devices, will boost your search rankings. A few adjustments can go a long way in improving your users experience.

Ready to Sharpen Your Online Business Strategy?

To conclude, you can really boost your digital marketing with some effective SEO techniques! So, if you need help building your SEO from the ground up, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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