Did you know that 53% of people leave a website that takes over 3 seconds to load

It is safe to say that first impressions matter for website UX! 

For a successful online business, people need to stay on your page as long as possible. Nothing else matters if people aren’t even making it to your webpages.   

Fear not – the terrific news is that you have options to ensure your website UX is up-to-speed and ready for successful transactions. 

Website UX Basics

First, let’s recap what UX means. 

UX stands for user experience. The term encompasses users’ needs and expectations while they are interacting with your website. 

Customers want to enjoy their time on your website! You also want them to remember having a pleasant, easy time on your website. 

Fresh Prince doing a happy dance on the stairs to represent a pleasant website UX.

It is essential that you can put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What is it exactly that your users are looking for? How do they think? 

These are the types of questions you should keep in mind as you begin to improve your UX design. 

Why Improve UX?

Your website is a wonderful tool to drive revenue and strengthen your online business. 

Let’s outline the 3 instrumental reasons that improving your website UX is so crucial.

1. Increased Conversions

We can’t say this enough! A good UX will capture your audience’s attention and keep them interested in your content and products.

High-quality images, engaging videos, and helpful user reviews all improve the likelihood that the visitors will make a purchase.

2. Brand Loyalty

Think about a brand that you interact with online. What makes you go back to their page over and over again? 

We bet you have an easy time placing your orders and navigating that particular site. This makes it a no-brainer for you to go back repeatedly. You probably tell your friends to check out the product or service too!

Serious woman saying "There is no alternative," to represent friends sharing their favorite brand.

Your UX is at the center of creating a stress-free experience for customers. 

The UX design delivers continuity and a brand voice that makes it easy for visitors to know what to expect! This relieves the cognitive load and provides a positive memory.

3. Ramped Up SEO Optimization

Google now uses core web vitals, all centered on user experience, to rank pages for SEO. If your website UX is lacking, it’s going to hurt your SEO performance. 

To combat this, make sure your most vital information and call to actions can be found easily. This pertains to text content on your page, but also can be achieved through visual elements and animations.

Website UX Tips

We have some quick UX design tips to share! 

As mentioned earlier, load speed is paramount. Take the time to reduce image file sizes to improve your load speed. 

Mobile is everything.  

First and foremost, your potential customers need to be able to access all content smoothly via mobile devices. Once you have verified that your mobile site has the same features as your desktop version, then you can address other design elements. 

Now that they are on the page, users want to trust your company and your website. Implement strategies that build trust for your online e-commerce. 

Chatbots are an easy way to do this! 

People like getting immediate feedback and responses. You can expect a bottom-line increase in sales

Finally, ensure that your website is secure, and consider what improvements could make it look even safer.

Get Started on Your Website UX Improvements

These tips are just the beginning of your journey to a better UX! There are many additional strategies you can use. 

Need some further help with building your website? Contact us at hola@colibricontent.com today!


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