Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy businesses use to dominate their online presence. SEO is constantly evolving, therefore it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends. You will for certain have a competitive advantage if you stay on top of the recent SEO trends. 

The goal is to produce top ranking SEO content. BUt, how exactly do you rank in the top positions? 

Here are some SEO 2021 trends that you should look at. 

1. Emphasis on User Experience

User experience has created a prominent impact on search engine ranking. The user experience refers to load time, interactivity, safety and security, and easy navigation and display on mobile devices. 

Google emphasizes and ranks based on user-centered metrics. If your website can ensure a delightful user experience, your page will rank higher.

 A term related to user experience is Core Web Vitals. These are the specific metrics that Google uses to evaluate user experience. The Core Web Vitals are:

3 core web vitals

Fortunately, there is a Google feature that gives you a core web vital report that shows you where your content stands in user experience. 

A good practice is to view your website on the computer, mobile device, or any other platform to see how it loads and how the experience translates. 

2. Local SEO

The Google My Business service is an important tool for location-based SEO. As a user, if you search for a certain business, you want the result to be close to your location.

From the search engine’s perspective, there is a lot of data and metrics that go into this. Google My Business has become an essential service to list your business on. 

The optimization of Google My Business will make your content and business rank higher, and drive traffic to your website and physical location. This is also helpful to give updates such as impact in hours due to Holidays and Covid-19 restrictions. 

 3. Quality of Content (E.A.T)

While SEO trends tend to change annually, the quality of your content will always reign with the most importance. A framework that content marketers love to follow is an acronym called E.A.T. This stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

When your content possesses these qualities it shows credibility and that you aren’t just there to make money off of your customers. This credibility offers more than products and services, it offers value. Follow these points to provide valuable content to the searcher: 

  • Know your target
  • Offer solutions
  • Make content readable
  • Include graphics to support and break up content
  • Use proper H1,H2, and H3
  • Update your content

4. Long-Form Content to Improve SERPS

It is more common for longer content to rank higher on the  Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Although you can rank higher, do not sacrifice your content quality for quantity.  

A developing trend we are witnessing is articles of over 2000 words are ranking higher than articles of 1000 words or less. 

5. Video Marketing 

Videos are gaining popularity in search engines. People are more inclined to watch a quick video explanation than read an article. This is why video content creation and optimization is important to reach a large audience.

 In 2021, SEO writers need to focus more on video content optimization. You can utilize Google trends to see what video content users are searching for to tweak your keywords. 

Excel With Your SEO Strategy and Online Presence

Awareness and knowledge of upcoming trends is the first step to success with your online presence. Now that you know what to look for, would you like to continue to master SEO strategy and stay up to date on the latest trends?

Check out Colibri Content blog and contact us for our digital marketing expertise. Our team of marketing experts are happy to help you succeed with your every SEO need!


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