Ever wondered why a direct translation from one language to another didn’t seem to capture the full expression of what was being said? This is where transcreation vs. translation becomes relevant.

Transcreation is taking text in one language, adapting it to another, all while still maintaining the context, style, and intended tone of the original. Ultimately, transcreation bridges the divide between words and expression. 

With the power of the Internet, there are more chances than ever to transcreate with e-commerce! Blending transcreation into your content allows your company to have an established sense of:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Relevance
  3. Trust

Let’s compare transcreation vs. translation and which will improve your e-commerce opportunities!

Transcreation vs. Translation

Translation is a direct word-for-word equivalent of one language to another. Direct translations are useful for things like instructions and straightforward facts.

Aside from the inaccuracies that would pop up, it is important to look for ways to localize your content to the country you want interaction with.

It is safe to assume that people of non-English speaking countries search the Internet with different linguistic patterns than English speakers. That being said, there may be a disconnect in what is considered a keyword. 

Translated work lacks expression. For expanding and reaching more customers, transcreation is the way to go!

Don’t be scared to say more and captivate your audience! 

To make better connections in other markets, use their lingo. 

With transcreation, it would be easier to find and use keywords of the other language, and ultimately provide the opportunity for your content to gain more traction.

Transcreation is the solution to appealing to foreign markets online. When you speak to your audience in a language they understand, your material automatically becomes more relevant in comparison to poorly translated content.

Transcreation Transforms the E-Commerce Experience

Transcreation opens up the virtual market from your company to global customers. Customers unfamiliar with your language will appreciate being communicated with in their native tongue. 

Using your customers’ language is about connection. They will feel as though there is a level of relatability, thus, increasing their engagement with your content. 

Once again, there is less room for translation errors! 

Direct translations create the opportunity for misinterpretations. More importantly, it creates the opportunity for your company to lose credibility due to improper communication. 

It’s also good to note that American jokes usually won’t translate well into other cultures and visa versa. To localise your content and be relevant, use idioms that are common to your target country. 

For instance, many common expressions used in Mexico don’t make sense translated in English. It’s worth the extra effort to connect with foreign markets because your audience will appreciate your content more!

To solidify the trust of your audience, build and maintain credibility with accurate details. For this reason, it is helpful to hire professionals in transcreation services.

Blending Transcreation into Your E-Commerce Strategy

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