Content marketing is a powerful way to promote your online business. This includes creating and improving your online business blog!

Now, I know what you may be thinking – improving my online blog sounds like a lot of hard work.

And while that may be true, there are a lot of tips that can help you along the way and turn this stressful process into a fun rewarding one!

We will walk you through 5 important tips to know that will help take your blog to the next level!

How Blogs can Help Your Online Business

Before we get started, let’s talk about how blogs function in a businesses’ online digital strategy and can help your business.

A digital marketing strategy is a set of actions that use marketing channels to achieve goals. 

Many online businesses use blogs as a part of their digital marketing strategy to provide valuable information with the goal of obtaining viewers/customers and the many other benefits of blogging.

A few of these benefits include:

  • Boosts web traffic to your site
  • Helps businesses promote themselves
  • Creates valuable connections with customers
  • Boosts SEO
  • Helps you become an leader in your industry

In order to obtain these benefits, you must have an online business blog that successfully targets and draws in an audience. We will give you 5 tips to help you do so!

1. Provide Relevant and Useful Information

To begin, you must know what your audience wants to read. The more useful and relevant topics you provide, the more readers you’ll attract. If you continue to provide relevant information, these readers may turn into regular readers.

On top of simply providing useful information, you must ensure that it is factually correct and provide some evidence.

A good way to do this is to quote experts about the topic you are discussing. This will make readers feel confident that the information you are providing is correct.

2. Make it Easy to Read

The next tip is to make your blog easy to read.

To make the structure easy to read, you should format it by using H1/H2/H3/H4 headings. Follow these general rules for formatting:

  • The title is the only H1 per article
  • Most subheadings will be H2
  • H3 subheadings are only used when a topic under H2 gets more specific
    • The same is true for H4 under an H3 subheading
  •  The first and last subheading should always be H2

Readers should be able to understand what the article is about just by reading the H2/H3 subheadings.

Use H1/H2/H3/H4 format to make your online business blog easy to read!

Another thing to be aware of for structure is paragraph length. Each paragraph should be between 1-3 sentences. Anything more than 3 sentences looks too wordy and may lose readers attention.

Lastly, using bullet points when appropriate is encouraged because it makes it easier for readers to skim the article and still get valuable information.

3. Share and Promote

You need to keep in mind that your readers are busy and may not see every post when you first post it. To ensure that readers see your posts, you must share and promote each article.

Some of the best places to promote your posts are on social media, on your website, and through email!

4. Interact with Readers

A good way to connect better with readers and turn them into regular readers is through interaction! 

It’s a good idea to ask open ended questions at the end of each article in order to get answers from readers. Showing your interest about readers views and opinions will get them excited to share.

Once they share, be sure to take the time to respond to them!

5. Have an Opinion

Lastly, don’t be afraid to have an opinion.

Don’t be scared to tell your readers how you feel about something if you are knowledgeable (which you should be if you are writing about the topic).

Cross out the words “but”, “if”, and “in my opinion”. Be confident, readers will like that.

Having an opinion will also show readers that you are human and they will connect with you more.

Now You’re Ready to get Started!

Now that you’re ready to start improving your blog, don’t forget to have fun!

But remember, building a successful online business blog takes lots of time and energy, so be patient and don’t give up until you see the results you are working for. By following these 5 tips, we are confident you will achieve your goals!

Need more assistance with your online digital strategy? Contact us at Colibri Content!


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