It’s that time of year again!

However, COVID-19 has changed the game on how consumers and businesses will approach this holiday season this year.

This holiday, e-commerce is where businesses will see a heavy portion of their revenue. 

We are here to tell you how to configure online promotions for your business this holiday.

But first, let’s talk about why online holiday promotions are so important this year.

Importance of Holiday E-Commerce in 2020

We all know the traditional holiday season brings in thousands of shoppers to the malls. 

But imagine this with the current pandemic, this is not likely.

There won’t be as much in person shoppers as there will be online shoppers this holiday season, because of safety precautions people are making due to COVID-19. 

But if you look towards the past, online shopping has been on the rise long before the pandemic. In 2019, $600 billion were spent on online shopping, a 15% rise from the previous year.

COVID just accelerated the movement.

Offering online shopping options is the best choice to make if you want to see big amounts of revenue come in. 

In fact, 61% of retailers are expecting more engagement and purchasing through social media and the web. 

So let’s amp up your online promotions and marketing with these strategies.

Effective Holiday e-Commerce Promotion Strategies

It’s never too early to start preparing, in fact that’s the most important part.

Beat the rush and start promoting early!

But bear with us, we are going to show you some very important holiday promotion strategies.

Boost Your Customer Base In A Flash

Get people moving in on your business with a flash sale!

This will not only help you increase sales but will get you ahead of the competition and give you room for new inventory.

Win, win, win!

Offer Discounts and Promotions

What entices customers to shop more? 

A discount or promotion!

It encourages your clients to buy the product and gives them the sense of urgency because it’s only for a limited time.

Some promotion or discount examples that you can offer are:

  • Buy one, Get one free
  • Specific discount for VIP members
  • Free shipping newsletter

Be Festive

It’s the holidays, right? 

Add some pep and joy to your social media content.

Generate buzz and get people talking about your product or service.

Showcase what you have to offer with some holiday themed posts or decorations.

Cater to Last Minute Shoppers

Last minute shoppers have it the toughest because by the time they get around to shopping, businesses are usually wrapping up their sales and low on stock. 

Don’t do that! In fact, accommodate to the last minute shoppers.

You might be asking, how do I accommodate last minute shoppers?

Well you can offer curbside pickup or ensure your systems know what’s in stock to help the customers know what’s available.

But the bottom line is make sure they know that your business is offering these convenient options to help win them over.

Put it in your email marketing campaign, site, and social media.

Winning E-Commerce During Holiday Season

Now you have the tools for the busiest and craziest holiday season yet!

As you prepare your business for this season, take it step by step.

But if you need more assistance on your online digital strategy during the holidays?    

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