Planning on going global?

As companies grow, so does their presence in the real and digital world. Growing businesses may expand into new markets by selling products and services abroad as well as optimizing their website to target users across the globe. 

Expanding into new markets is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts – from adapting your business for a new market to learning the laws of the land both politically and economically – that all combine to push your growth.

International SEO is an important part of that puzzle, and consultants go a long way to making that piece work.

Having an international SEO consultant will help raise your search engine ranking, resulting in you being able to reach more valuable leads. These valuable leads may become customers, which means more profits for you and your business!


Keep reading to learn more about what international SEO consultants are and how they can help you!

But first off, let’s go over what international SEO is.

What is International SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine pages. International SEO is the process of targeting this knowledge to countries, markets, and localized websites.

Example: You are a Brazilian coffee company wanting to enter a new market, specifically Chile. Even though both countries are on the same continent, you’ll have to use a new and more global SEO plan than the one used in Brazil.

Your plan should definitely account for the differences in culture, language, values, and more between the two countries.

If implemented correctly, an international SEO plan will lead to more exposure among international clients and entry to new markets!

The Role of an International SEO Consultant

international seo consultant's role

The main role of an SEO consultant is to analyze, review, and improve websites and their search engine performance.

By giving expert recommendations, the SEO consultant help businesses earn more search engine traffic and raise their ranking positions.

With their expertise on SEO, consultants help clients gain access to foreign and global markets.

SEO consulting also covers a wide range of digital marketing channels such as email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and more.

Now, an international SEO consultant needs to apply this knowledge to vastly different markets and regions across the globe. They have to understand the differences in culture, language, and online habits.

Benefits of International SEO Consulting

An international SEO consultant will bring you many benefits if your goal is to break into a new market. Here are a few to consider:

1. Attract More Targeted Traffic to Your Site

An SEO consultant helps you to increase the quality of your traffic. The number of visitors who come to your page doesn’t really matter if they are ultimately not interested in your product or service.

So, by hiring an SEO consultant you’ll attract more qualified visitors to your site and have a greater chance of turning them into customers. 

2. Language Translation Services

When entering a new market you’ll want to translate your content to rank higher in search engines for global markets. Unless you’re a native of the country, using machine translations or doing it yourself is tempting, but ultimately very risky. 

You’re better off hiring an international SEO consultant who usually acts as a professional translation native to translate AND adjust your content to each region you want to target. 

3. Improve Google Ranking

An SEO consultant has the latest tools and tactics to improve your ranking on the world’s largest search engine, Google. They’ll help you find the right keywords to attract valuable leads and produce better content for your company to advance on search engine results.  

Overall, they’ll have to target country-specific website traffic to raise your company’s online presence.

google for international seo

International SEO Services

International SEO consultants offer tons of services in order to improve your company’s online presence!

In contrast to a regular SEO consultant, international SEO consultants must truly know the differences between markets in order to localize content. Some of their most popular services include:

  • Country-Specific Language Translation Services
  • Country-Specific Keyword Optimization
  • Country-Specific Website Design and Development
  • Country-Specific Social Media
  • Country-Specific Lead Generation

Lucky for you, Colibri can do all of these and more!

Ready to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence?

Now that we’ve covered how international SEO consultants can boost your company’s exposure and reach different markets, are you ready for the next step?

Our global marketing strategists are well versed in International SEO across Latin America, the United States and Europe. In addition, we have an extensive network of partners that are able to help out in any country you may be interested in!

Reach out to our diverse team at today to learn more about how we can expand your business!


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