The Latino community is considered to be a notable audience in the consumer market.

Which is why it is crucial for businesses to shift their digital strategy to incorporate Latino marketing.

Want to see how and why?

Keep reading for our 4 tips to optimize your Latino marketing strategy and you’ll find out!

Marketing to the Latino Population

Ok, we know what you’re thinking.

Why is it so important to promote my business towards the Latino market?

Well here’s why.

Hispanics are a major influence and part of our society with their fashion, food, customs, etc. Especially in the current digital atmosphere that is dominating the market.

Let’s see some numbers.

Latin Americans have a higher social media usage rate than any other region in the world. In fact, it’s twice the amount of the North American usage. 

According to a 2019 graph by Statista, 82% of U.S Hispanics are internet users. Which is just 6% lower than the Caucasian race. 

But that’s not all!

In 2019, the U.S Hispanic population hit a record of 60.6 million.

Beyond that, Hispanics represent a large percentage of the younger age groups in the U.S population.

And the Latino population in the United States is expected to keep rising!

By 2050, the projected Hispanic population under the age of 35 in the United States is to be 132.8 million, which is 30% of the population.

Because of their high population, Latino consumers represent $1.5 trillion in transactions.

What this all boils down to is that it is a lost opportunity to not market towards the Hispanic market. 

It makes sense to switch up your marketing strategy to entice the Hispanic community.

But how?

Let us tell you!

4 Tips To Fine-Tune Your Latino Marketing 

It’s not enough to just offer translation from English to Spanish on a few of your content. 

You have to consider the differences, cultural gaps and so much more when changing your marketing tactics.

Here are some of the best tips that you should keep in mind to fine-tune your Latino marketing strategy.

Tip 1. Involve the Culture

Like we said before, just switching the language isn’t good enough.

You need to be culturally relevant. 

This means embracing the culture, Hispanic talent, and stories in your campaign.

But there’s one part you want to avoid.


One of the best ways to avoid this problem is by doing research or hiring Latino employees from different countries. 

Who better than Hispanics themselves will know how to guide the process!

Tip 2. Modify Style For Where They Are

Hispanics are more likely to access the Internet by mobile phone because of the need to communicate with distant family.

To target this demographic through mobile, start with mobile ads that are eye catching.

Another big thing Hispanics are getting captivated by is online videos

It is no question that videos are on the rise. 

But the average Hispanic spends more than 8 hours watching online video each month!

So if everyone is starting to lean towards video there’s no reason not to start optimizing videos!

Another place where a majority of Hispanics spend their time is Facebook and Whatsapp.

There is huge potential in marketing through these apps because of the high level of usage by Hispanics.

It’s easier than you think to market through these apps. Just research and find the best way to promote your business through these applications.

Tip 3. Use Their Lingo

This is a tricky one but a very important one because it will definitely make you stand out!

Yes, some speak just spanish but most words mean different things for each culture or country.

An example is the U.S and UK, we both speak english but most words have different meanings. In the U.S we use the word sweater, but the UK uses the word jumper. 

Completely different right!

The spanish language is the same thing!

Each country has a different word or phrase for things, so accommodate that and it will definitely help you get that target audience you’re aiming for.

Tip 4. Spanglish 

This is an interesting one but can really come in handy!

A vast majority of Hispanics most likely speak English, and at home speak Spanish. Those that use both languages consume media for both.

You don’t need to approach your strategy with the “one language fits all” mindset. 

That mindset might even hurt your marketing strategy.

There’s a big opportunity to reach the hispanic market using both languages because hispanics can relate to it and it might even give them the sense of welcome and comfort!

Apply spanglish to your strategy and you will definitely attract those from the Hispanic market! 

Achieving Success In Latino Marketing

Now how we said before, the best way to approach this is by having helpful employees to guide this process. 

Here at Colibri Content we are experts in the hispanic market and marketing strategies! 

If you need more assistance on your online digital strategy, contact us today!


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