Oftentimes, Latin America is regarded to be a cluster of poor nations situated in a geographic area with an intense political climate. This misconception makes many companies turn a blind eye to the countless opportunities that lie within the region. LATAM Fintech Companies are deemed inexistent by many.

However, with only about 50% of the Latin American population having a bank account, there has been tremendous growth in the Fintech sector in the past decade. In fact, over 1,000 LATAM Fintech companies across multiple sectors and industries have emerged in the past few years. As you can see, up and coming LATAM Fintech companies offer great investment opportunities. 

LATAM Fintech Investments

In this article, we will go in-depth on 3 LATAM Fintech companies that have the potential to increase opportunities for foreign investors seeking market opportunities in the region. 


Afluenta is a leader in Latin American peer-to-peer lending networks. They have a solid track record that proves the business model of peer-to-peer lending networks works in the Latin American markets. So, how does Afluenta work?

How Afluenta Attracts More Borrowers than Traditional Banks

Borrowers, a local business owner, for instance, go through identity verification processes and credit checks. They are provided with a score to ensure lenders are comfortable investing in that individual. Lenders are also provided with a high return and direct line of contact with the borrower. High returns, the platform, and reasonable payment periods make Afluenta more attractive than traditional bank loans. 

Furthermore, the company provides more opportunities for small business owners to grow their businesses. They can grow by investing in operational functions such as R&D and marketing. Additionally, it provides a secure way for investors to get their return on investment. 

2. Quotanda

Quotanda is a lending as a service platform founded in Mexico. They provide loan management services focusing on partnerships with Latin American schools and universities. 

Traditionally, Latin American schools and banks do not offer many student loans. Managing student loan services is a complex process because they don’t only focus on the managerial aspect of it. They also have to market it to potential recipients. Quotonda’s focus allows students to get easy access to schools and universities by providing these entities with their platform. Their platform establishes programs that aid in managing areas such as loan disbursement, prolonged maintenance, etc. Additionally, it aids in marketing the loan service.

Why is that Important? 

When a country provides access to education, the region will experience positive long-term growth. Here’s why. Once students graduate, they tend to enter the workforce and provide more skilled labor to the country. This, in turn, leads to a lower unemployment rate and a healthier economy.

3. Bankity

We have all heard of apps in the U.S. that aid in managing your finances by helping you budget. These apps list how much is spent per category, among other things. With many LATAM Fintech companies popping up, it was about time a similar service entered the market. The Colombian startup, Bankity, is the perfect example.

Keep reading to learn how Bankity became an influential LATAM Fintech company.

More than Managing your Finances

Bankity does more than telling customers if they spent a lot on food or entertainment. They introduced the first credit card fully oriented to the digital world. Digital credit cards allow for information such as balance, spending, and interest per purchase to be readily available. This allows customers to have more control over their finances. Because of their innovations, the CEO and CTO of the company were among the 10 finalists for Visa’s Everywhere Initiative. The competition intends to innovate in the electronic payment segment. 

With more control over their finances, consumers know which category they need to cut spending. When consumers cut spending, they have more discretionary income available to them. It allows them to have more money available to save or invest elsewhere. This provides countless opportunities for U.S. and LATAM companies to find potential partners in foreign Latin American nations.  

Ready to Invest in LATAM Fintech Companies? 

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