WhatsApp has played a big role in communication from all parts of the world, especially in Latin America. The popular messenger app connects people from almost anywhere with an internet connection.  It has changed social media and the way people communicate daily.

You might be wondering, “How is this any different from social media apps with messaging features?”

You’ll read about…

  • Why WhatsApp Became so Popular
  • WhatsApp’s Presence in Latin America
  • Potential Marketing Uses for WhatsApp

Why WhatsApp Became so Popular

WhatsApp is a social media platform that allows users to text and voice message others with either a cellular data or internet connection. It launched in 2009 and is used daily by millions worldwide.

Here are some features that attract users to WhatsApp: 

Free International Texting and Calling

Instead of paying for an international phone plan to connect with family members and friends, WhatsApp offers free texting and calling to users. To get it, all you need is access to your app store download for free.

Logo for WhatsApp in Latin America

High Speed Communication 

With a stable connection, messages and calls come in almost instantly. WhatsApp allows readers to ditch the long messages and opt into fast communication. 

Fun and Easy Interface

WhatsApp has a familiar interface to those already on phones. It also has fun stickers and GIFs that users could send for more fun and visual messaging.

WhatsApp also has voice messaging features and image and video content that other users could look and listen to at their convenience. 

Sounds pretty great, right? 

So how is it doing in Latin America?

The Growth of WhatsApp in Latin America

WhatsApp carries a dominant influence in terms of Hispanic social media usage, as studies point to a large amount of usage from Latin American people. 

Now, let’s see the population of users by race/ethnicity breakdown.

As you can see in the bar graph above, the U.S. Hispanic population holds the highest percentage in WhatsApp user penetration. 

According to eMarketer, due to the “lack of competition among carriers, mobile costs in Latin America have consistently been some of the highest in the world.”

Thus, Latin American communities would more likely use free social media platforms for international communication.

Because of this, WhatsApp has broken through with its free services and provided a distinct opportunity for businesses.

Potential Marketing Uses for WhatsApp

With such a high level of usage with Hispanics on WhatsApp, businesses are exploring how they can employ that into their business operations and digital strategy.

Here are some ways that you can include WhatsApp in your digital strategy!  

  • Customer Service Inquiries: Instead of using phone plans that could be costly to both seller and buyer, WhatsApp could provide a quick, affordable communication platform.
  • Employee Communication: Organize social media platforms by having a set application for communication in and outside of work. WhatsApp could be used for personal business between employees. 
  • Feedback: Use WhatsApp to obtain feedback from customers. Customers could message in their thoughts of products for your business to see what it could improve or continue doing.
  • Personalized Interactions: Maintaining loyal customers by reaching out to customers 1:1 can be key. With WhatsApp, you will have an easier time connecting with your customers through a more personalized interaction.

These are just a few ways your business could use WhatsApp for marketing purposes. Check out this article on social media usage in Latin America that you could use to reach the Latin American market.

Overall, the vast popularity of WhatsApp in Latin America makes it a top social media platform to conduct business for its affordability and quick service. 

Ready to Use Social Media to Enter the Latin American Market? 

You learned about WhatsApp’s popularity within Latin America and ways you can use this platform to better reach your target market. Let’s put this knowledge to action!

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