Is your business finding it difficult to manage all your social media accounts?

If so, you are in the right place!

These past couple years, there have been many social media applications that have risen. 

With all the different social media accounts it takes to have a superior online presence, a useful tool is social media management platforms.

To better understand the usefulness of social media management platforms, we’ve compiled a pros and cons list as well as the importance of those platforms for you to consider if using these platforms is right for your business.

So let’s begin!

Importance of Social Media Management

A social media management tool can be a serious asset because it allows you to not become overwhelmed with all the different social media accounts it takes in running a business.

Each social media management tool offers different features but the main three features that are consistent in most are:

  • Allowing you to plan ahead your content to help with consistency
  • Utilizes a social media calendar that has scheduled content ready to post to help with time efficiency 
  • Analytically breaking down your audience, trends, and engagement to get a better understanding of what content works and what doesn’t

Now that you know the basics of what a social media management tool does, let’s think about it in a different way. 

On your usual work day, things start piling up correct?

Maybe posting on a social network gets pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list and you begin to worry about other things. Then you post on a social network in a rushed manner, but that time isn’t the best time to post so not many people see it. 

Or the business becomes known as a company that doesn’t engage with their customers because the mentions are all on different media platforms and it is hard to keep up.

Get the picture?

Social media management helps with not only analyzing the social performance, or building a social calendar. But it also helps manage customer relationships and keep up on social engagement.

Win, win, win-win!

The Pros & Cons Of Social Media Management

Every business’ needs are different. This pros and cons list is to help you discover if using a social media management tool is fitting for your business.


  • Manages multiple social media accounts on one platform. Having all social media accounts on one platform eases it all because everything is simplified and organized for you. 
  • Automated tasks. Depending on the tool you use, steps like posting or detecting customer feedback to respond becomes easier because the tool does it automatically rather than having a team member do it all. It saves time! 
  • Analyzes your feed. There’s always room to improve and a great way to do that is by analyzing your content, format, timing, etc. It can measure what works and what doesn’t.  Some might give reports to help you tweak and optimize your content and media.
  • Uniformity and consistency is made easier. With the automated tasks and analyzed feed comes uniformity and consistency as a result. 
  • Increases customer relationships and accountability. With the time you save with the management tool, it allows you to interact with customers more and remain active on your accounts.


  • Might be an added cost. Might not be an extra cost, this changes case by case. Most tools have subscriptions and some have a free trial or free membership. Either way, this is like adding a second-team member, it will increase the cost and add value. But you have to determine if paying that extra cost is worth it. 
  • Might take a while to learn. For those who have never used a social media management tool, it might take a while to learn how it works or be overwhelming. 

Stepping Up Your Online Presence Management

This is the major way to step up your social media. But behind it all comes your social media strategy. 

A good execution online comes from a good digital strategy.

At Colibri, we are experts on social media strategy and marketing to different audiences.

Looking to level up your social media strategy?  

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