We’re finally getting into the holiday season! 

After a tough year, we should all be looking forward to getting some new gifts. We’re here to share some holiday marketing stats that you can use to up your shopping game!

Why Holiday Marketing Stats Are Important

This season is usually prime time for buying gifts. If you’re a business looking to grow your sales, you should be extra excited!

If you learn exactly how consumers think, you can use it to your advantage. Make sure to pay attention to customer trends so that you can mold your business to get the most out of the holidays.

Take a look at the following holiday marketing stats to help you understand the inner workings of the people that will be buying from your store!

1. 96% of Shoppers Look at Online Reviews

No one wants to buy something without knowing if it works. Most people will want to check out reviews first!

This section of online businesses is one of the most frequented, and you should always keep this in mind. 

holiday marketing stats

Make sure that your products are of the best quality possible so that customers leave positive reviews! You should also make sure that the page is easily accessible so that shoppers can find it and see how good your products really are!

2. 44% of Teenagers and Young Adults Use Instagram for Inspo

This is a huge market that everyone should look into! Gen Z is always on the lookout for a present to give to their friends or family, so you should market specifically to them.

If you use targeted marketing to reach this audience, you could be significantly increasing your sales. Insta users love to scroll the ‘shop’ tab for hours on end!

Make your brand seen with ads and personalized posts and you can really up your Instagram game!

3. 82% of Shoppers Use Amazon for Gifts

Prime Shipping, who wouldn’t want that? With Amazon Prime, you can get your gifts in just one day!

A lot of people shop very last minute for holiday gifts. Because of this, people take advantage of the quick shipping to make sure that they get their presents on time!

If you offer deals and variety like those on Amazon, then you can draw in more consumers. Aim to get all this done by around November and you should be good!

4. 59% of People Shop Online

This one might be a given. Going to the mall to buy presents, especially during the holidays, is a bit tedious nowadays, and particularly discouraged due to the COVID pandemic. 

holiday marketing stats

We’ve seen the trend of a steady increase in online shopping for the season. Consumers look for deals here and they can all be offered from the comfort of our own home!

There are some things you can do to make sure your business can participate in the opportunity!

Optimize Your Website

Make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. All pages should be easily accessible to consumers or they will simply click away!

Offer Vast Shipping and Payment Options

Like we said before, consumers want to get their presents fast! They also want the comfort of knowing that they can use the payment method that works best for them rather than the only one that’s offered.

5. 33% of Consumers Wait Until There’s a Sale to Shop

With shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it makes sense that a lot of people would want to hold off on shopping until they can get a good deal. 

If you make sure that your business is offering these sorts of discounts around the same time, then it will be extremely attractive to consumers. They’ll see a lower price tag and be instantly drawn, and that’s exactly what you want!

6. 66% of Shoppers Want Gifts That Are Less Than $50

This goes hand in hand with the previous statistic. When you have to shop for all your friends and family for the holidays, you can’t afford to spend a fortune on each person.

holiday marketing stats

Holiday shoppers like looking for goods that seem to have excellent quality while at the same time not costing us an entire month’s salary!

If your business has good enough sales or tends to keep its prices low, then 66% more people will want to shop!

Step Up Your e-Commerce Game

Hopefully these holiday marketing stats have helped you get a grasp of what it’s like for businesses and consumers alike during this season. 

Buying gifts is stressful, but seeing everyone’s face when you give them what they wanted most makes it worth it!

Need more assistance with your e-commerce strategy during the holidays? Contact us at Colibri Content today!


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