If you are just starting out your online business, you might be worried about how you’re going to create a website that’s really going to draw in consumers. 

Worry no more! We’re here to help you pick out the best website builder for your company.

Since there are about 24 million eCommerce sites, it is crucial that you find a tool that will help you create a website that will make you stand out amongst your competitors. We have found the best of the best and are here to guide you through choosing the ideal one for you!

So, What’s the Best Website Builder?

Now we get to the important stuff. If you want to grow your online business or are looking to transform your platform, you should know the pros and cons of the best website builder tools.

Let’s go over some of the most popular ones!


This website builder tool is famously known for having some of the best templates in the game. 

It also gives you the ability to regularly create and upload high-quality blog posts. 

Squarespace is one of the go-to’s for many small businesses, as well as for more established companies! 

best website builder


  • Blogging features 
    • Known for being the best website builder for blogging because of all of its additional features and plug-ins
    • Allows for additional features such as podcasts and photo galleries to be included
  • Designs and themes
    • These are innovative and high quality, sure to make you stand out against your competition
  • Mobile support
    • Websites made with Squarespace will be compatible with its mobile app, allowing for better accessibility


  • Price
    • The most basic plan averages to about $12 a month
    • For eCommerce stores, the most common monthly fee is about $40
  • Site speed
    • Slower compared to other website builders
    • An important SEO tool which needs to be improved


This has long been considered by many to be the best website builder. 

With a variety of different ways to get use the tool, you’re sure to find one that you are comfortable with and will make the best website possible for your business.

These include creating the site from scratch using platforms like Javascript, using pre-designed templates, or Wix ADI, which uses artificial intelligence to make the perfect website for you!

best website builder


  • Editing tools
    • Wix gives you the ability to have free range over the content you create
    • You can drag and drop different features anywhere on your site
  • Templates
    • There are hundreds of different and unique templates for you to choose from
  • App market
    • Contains different features for you to choose from to add onto your site that can’t be found on other website builders


  • Mobile speed
    • Loading tends to a be a bit slower when it comes to using mobile apps or websites
  • Fixed design
    • Once you choose and finish your site theme, you can’t change it


Shopify is very popular for being the best website builder for eCommerce websites. This is especially true for small businesses, as its features will make it easy for you to set up your shop with as little complications as possible!

Making sure that you are going through all the necessary steps to get your online business ready, Shopify will ensure that your operations are running smoothly.

best website builder


  • Ease of use
    • Walks you through all the steps so you have inventory, taxes, etc. clear and ready to go
  • Payment methods
    • Offers Shopify Payments as well as other methods in order to reach a larger audience
  • Sales details
    • Clearly displays product information for consumers to see


  • Price
    • Most advanced plan with all features costs $299 per month
  • Operations size
    • As your business gets bigger, you begin to outgrow Shopify’s features and need a more advanced website builder

Finding Your Ideal Website Builder

The best way that you can see what will work best for you is by trying them out! 

There are many more website builders to choose from, so take advantage of their free trials and see how they work until you find the best website builder for you.

Need help for your digital marketing, whether building a website or creating the most effective strategies to reach your audience? 

Be sure to contact Colibri Content today!


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