WordPress is considered a top notch website builder, which is why we have some all-time WordPress tips you don’t want to miss. 

Fun fact: WordPress powers more than a third of all websites! 

Not only is the platform easy to use, but also known as the best content management system in 2021. 

However, WordPress needs to be actively managed. It is important to stay up to date with everything that plays in websites so your online business doesn’t fall flat. 

Read on for the top five WordPress tips you don’t want to miss out on.

WordPress Tips
  1. Pick Quality Theme 
  2. Use Google Analytics
  3. Install Plug in for SEO
  4. Compress your images
  5. Clean permalinks

WordPress Tips Breakdown:

Pick Quality Theme 

Don’t rush a theme for your website! Make sure the theme properly aligns with your brand and business goals. WordPress has thousands of themes to choose from. 

For example, websites geared for blogs will look different to those for ecommerce. Check out the live demos available before installing. That way, you can grasp a clearer picture of what the website will look like on a user’s perspective. 

Don’t forget before you install the theme, ensure it is mobile responsive. Responsiveness is a must-have in today’s browsing era. SEO-friendly themes will be better in the long run for your website’s success. 

Once you do that, import the theme and you can edit the content to truly make the theme your own!

Overall, take the time to find the right one.

You can browse the endless options on the WordPress theme directory here.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must WordPress tip to implement. Why? It is an invaluable tool for measuring your site’s success. Google Analytics tracks performance, records data and gives proper insight into how people interact with your site. 

It is impossible to know how your website is doing without measuring it. By incorporating Google Analytics into WordPress, you will get a deeper insight. It’s a great combo you don’t want to miss.

MonsterInsights is the Google Analytics Plugin go-to with over 2 million active installations.

The best part is you can view all the information right on the WordPress admin dashboard. 

Simple and informative! 

Install Plugins for SEO

Plugins add great functions to WordPress. One WordPress tip is to only install the necessary plugins that will benefit your website. Too many plugins can backfire. 


It can slow down your website, or worse put it’s security at risk. 

Mobile users will exit your page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Desktop users are not far behind. It is essential to optimize your WordPress site for speed so picking the correct plugins are necessary.

One great plugin you’ll want to add on your list is Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin

With no SEO strategy on WordPress, the website will not reach the organic traffic you want. Do not think your content is good enough on its own. It never hurts to make things easier and this WordPress SEO plugin will do just that. 

SEO is a top priority. 

Yoast SEO analyzes keywords and content as well as the technical side like managing the sitemaps or robots.txt files. 

Compress Your Images

Don’t shy away from images. After all, they liven up the website! Incorporate them in landing pages, blogs, product pages and descriptions. The more the better! 

However, if you are going to use images, one WordPress tip is make sure to compress the images. That way the image is reduced in file size which allows the site to run faster and save storage space.

This is a must! As mentioned previously, fast site speed is the holy grail of running a website. 

Don’t take that lightly.

Some great tools for this are: Kraken.io, ImageResize, and Optimizilla.

Clean Permalinks

Another WordPress tip is the use of clean permalinks. Permalinks are the permanent links you view when you access a webpage. 

Each time you create a new page on WordPress, it will automatically generate a permalink by default. These defaults can and should be altered before publishing the page. 

When creating these links, simple and clean is the way to go. You want a user friendly website.

Having a custom link is valuable because it allows the visitors on the website to understand the exact meaning behind that particular page. 

For example, “https://colibricontent/e992nwowe/ozo” does not give the viewer any clue what the page is talking about.

Instead, “https://colibricontent/5-wordpress-tips” gives a clear and easy understanding of what the article is about. 

Lastly, long and strange permalinks sometimes come off suspicious. This simple change can alter the amount of visitors your page can land. 

Best Tips for WordPress 2021

As stated previously, WordPress needs to be managed on a daily basis for optimal success and has many features to choose from. With these five WordPress tips you’ll be sure to not get overwhelmed like this guy.

WordPress Tips 2021

This platform has great potential to boost your business growth online. 
If you need help building your online presence, contact us at hola@colibricontent.com today!


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