Oi! (Hello!). Did you know that Brazil is the largest economy and country in South America? The sheer size of Brazil and its economy has created an interesting and diverse e-commerce market. Interested in learning about the top e-commerce sites in Brazil that your business should use?

Keep reading to find out about e-commerce in Brazil, the top e-commerce sites, what all these top sites have in common, and how to make an impact online in Brazil!

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E-Commerce in Brazil

Brazil has over 150 million internet users, making it the 4th largest internet market globally. So, what makes the Brazilian e-commerce market so interesting and possibly profitable?

  • Brazil represents about 42% of all B2C e-commerce in the Latin American market.
  • Brazil has over 130 million active Facebook users, making it the 3rd country with the most users on the social media platform.
  • 58 million Brazilians were said to have made at least one purchase online in 2018
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Now, let’s go over the top e-commerce sites in Brazil!

Top E-commerce Sites in Brazil

Keep reading to learn more about which site sounds like the best fit for your product and/or service in terms of traffic volume, competition, and the type of e-commerce buyers they attract!

1. Mercado Livre

 top e-commerce sites in Brazil mercado livre

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 260.93 million

Mercado Livre is one of, if not, the most popular sites for online shopping in Brazil. This site allows both individuals and businesses to buy and sell items through different product categories. For example, Mercado Livre sells vehicles, technology, makeup, and much more!

2. Casas Bahia

 top e-commerce sites in Brazil casas bahia

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 36.35 million

Casa Bahia is the 6th largest e-commerce site in Brazil. It specializes in home appliances and furniture, but also offers a wide range of goods like electronics, fashion accessories, and more!

3. OLX

 top e-commerce sites in Brazil olx

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 99.78 million

OLX is a Dutch online marketplace that now operates in Brazil. They have various departments, including electronics, fashion, properties, agriculture, and more!

OLX Brazil is the 16th most visited site in the country, with its most popular category being electronics and technology. 

4. Netshoes

 top e-commerce sites in Brazil netshoes

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 32 million

Netshoes is a Brazilian e-commerce sporting goods conglomerate that sells all types of clothes from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and more. However, Netshoes sells other products like watches, perfumes, and glasses. 

5. Americanas

 top e-commerce sites in Brazil americanas

Estimated number of monthly visitors: 134.58 million

Owned by B2W Digital Group, which also owns other e-commerce sites, including Shoptime and Submarino, Americanas is one of the top e-commerce sites in Brazil because of its huge range of products.  Americanas covers everything, from phone plans, toys, fashion, furniture, electronics, and more!

For more examples of the top e-commerce sites in Brazil, check out section 2 of our Brazil e-commerce guide!

What Do The Top E-Commerce Sites in Brazil All Have in Common?

As stated before, Brazil is a huge and diverse country. Fortunately, the top e-commerce sites in Brazil have discovered key characteristics that they should all use in order to be successful! Here are just a few:

1. Optimizing Checkout For Customers

This has the biggest impact on conversion rates! Websites should include different payment methods like credit card financing, credit cards, and cash. In addition, they make sure to also take care of international online buyers by offering international payment, currency conversion, and suitable shipping methods. 

If online shoppers can’t find their preferred or trusted methods of payment during checkout, they will most likely abandon the shopping cart!

2. Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is steadily growing in Brazil. According to Ebit, 42.7 percent of online purchases in Brazil were made from mobile devices in 2018. 

The top e-commerce sites in Brazil realize the power and future of mobile commerce! They make sure that their sites have mobile optimization as well as invest in apps to create a better experience for their mobile users.

3. Shipping Products

The top e-commerce sites in Brazil all use efficient and cost-effective ways to ship their products. By selling thousands of products, they’re able to reduce their costs and get competitive international shipping rates. This attracts more customers as they don’t have to pay a lot for shipping and handling.

 So, the question remains, how can YOU make your mark online in Brazil?

How To Make an Impact Online in Brazil

To drive Brazilian traffic to your business, local marketing & SEO are key! Make sure you understand the language and culture. Reaching out to the top e-commerce sites in Brazil is extremely helpful as they can give you a platform to spread the message of your product and/or service.

Pro-tip: There are a ton of cultural differences throughout Brazil. For example, dialects, hobbies, and lifestyles vary throughout the country. So, make sure to account for these differences when you enter the Brazilian market. 

Ready To Enter The Brazilian E-Commerce Market?

Entering any new market can be tricky! Lucky for you, our team at Colibri Content are Brazilian marketing experts. If you want to get some footing in the Brazilian E-Commerce market, contact us at hola@colibricontent.com today!

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