Search intent is driven by many factors for Hispanic consumers. However, studies have shown that language has heavily influenced search behavior for Hispanic consumers. Language may also be overlooked in marketing. 

Why is this? Let’s keep reading to find out. 

Today we’ll go over

Different Types of Search Intents

Search intent is the reason why internet users are using search engines. Essentially, search intent is why people are searching something up. To understand search behavior for Hispanic Consumers, it is important to understand different search intents. 

types of search intent

Here are the following 4 main types of search intent: 

1. Informational

Informational search intent is basically what it sounds like. In this type of search intent, people are searching for answers to their questions or wanting to learn more about something. Many searches are done to seek information.

2. Navigational 

Navigational search intent describes a search with an idea of the destination. In other words, people are searching for something they already have in mind. For example, if I knew Colibri Content had articles on digital marketing, then I just type “Colibri Content” to find the website. 

3. Transactional

Transactional search intent is where people search with the intention to purchase something online. People use the internet to browse their options and to see what would fit them best.

4. Commercial Investigation

Lastly, commercial investigation is similar to transactional intent. However, the only difference is that commercial investigation involves people with the intention to buy in the future.

The Importance of Language on Search Intent from Hispanic Communities

Regardless of the types of search intent, many studies have found that language plays a strong role in search behavior among Hispanic consumers. 

Why is this? 

Well let’s consider consumers who speak Spanish dominantly. It would be plausible to say that the language of a website could serve as a beneficial factor or a language barrier.

For example, let’s look at informational and transactional search intents. Language affects both these search intents but maybe one more than the other. 

Informational would be more difficult to conduct than transactional search intents because informational searches require more language comprehension. Transactional search intents may be easier to conduct since many sold products usually have a picture for users to see what they are buying. 

That’s why language is so important to keep in mind when looking at Hispanic consumers’ search behaviors. 

Now, let’s see how language has influenced search behavior for Hispanic consumers. 

How Language Influences Search Behavior for Hispanic Consumers

Language has affected search behavior for Hispanic consumers a lot, especially in users that are less fluent in English. 

language in search intent

According to a survey, 81% of Hispanic consumers said relatives who are not fluent in English ask them to go online and research a purchase for them.

Furthermore, the 2020 Guide to Hispanic Digital Purchase Behavior says that digital media content consumption was found to be in English Only or English Mostly for slightly more than half the respondents. 

What does this mean for businesses? 

This could hint at businesses to integrate more targeted content to reach Hispanic consumers better. Through website localization or translation, Hispanic consumers could easily navigate websites and fulfill their search intents easily. 

Consumers would efficiently find what they were searching for without having to call up a relative to translate for them or use dictionaries to translate.

Both businesses and consumers benefit from having quick, easy, and flexible content on websites.

Want to Step Up Your Hispanic Marketing Efforts?

You learned about the importance of language in understanding search behaviors. Now you can keep language in mind when creating your marketing strategy. 

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