In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic LATAM airlines put a halt on air transportations to most of their countries, causing the region to now struggle to recover. 

Here’s the interesting part: Mexico airlines is the leading country in terms of economic recovery.

Keep reading to figure out some of Mexico’s airlines recovery tactics.

Mexico Airline Recovery Strategy

Let’s get to it!

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit LATAM, Mexico was one of the few countries that did not set travel restrictions. In addition to that, the Mexico government never grounded aircraft.

Do you see how it was easy for Mexico to recover?

They never stopped their aircraft in the first place. 

They did reduce the amounts of flights and aircraft used but that is because the demand for flights was reduced.

If someone wanted to travel to Mexico, they easily could!

This is why Mexico is currently the leader for US international air travel. 

To show just how much people want to travel to Mexico, let’s see some numbers.

Mexico Market had 898,400 passengers, while the country in second place, Dominican Republic, had 245,800!

But that’s not all.

The total amount of seats offered to travel to Mexico has only reduced by 33%. Considering other LATAM countries and the COVID impact, that’s a good number.

Mexico’s low-cost carriers are especially thriving versus full-time carriers.

One of the three low-cost airlines, Volaris, is currently operating at 75% capacity. This is largely because their team is marketing to bus travelers to get more consumers. So far it is working!

The second of the three low-cost airlines, VivaAerobus, surpassed the amount of passengers Grupo Aeromexico had, a full-service carrier, for the first time in history!

While Mexico airline recovery still has a long way to go, they have to recoup substantially less than other LATAM airlines.

Other LATAM Airlines Recoveries

According to Mexico Now, the rest of Latin America averaged at a capacity of 20% compared to last year.

They aren’t even reaching 50% capacity!

Unlike Mexico, most of the countries in LATAM put some type of travel restriction or completely halted all air travels to and from their country.

Some just recently reopened their airspaces. However some countries, like Argentina, still have their airlines closed. 

ALTA, the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association, estimates that airlines in the LATAM region will lose approximately $18 billion USD in profits. 

ALTA has forecasted that LATAM’s recovery will last until 2025.

These countries are at a disadvantage because the longer they take to open their borders, the longer it will take for them to recover.

Pending safety protocols, this level of recovery throughout Mexico can keep business opportunities afloat for many who are looking to get involved in the local market!

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