The Mexican business etiquette is quite different from the American way of doing business. 

Expanding to a new market in your business is always an exciting time, but with that means understanding the cultural differences you may face. 

So if you are interested in entering the Mexican market to increase your growth and potential, keep reading!

We’ve learned from experts in Mexico about the top rules of Mexican business etiquette. Here are five ways to improve your way of doing business in Mexico. 

This way your business can successfully navigate Mexico’s business culture and create long lasting relationships! 

The Top Ways to Improve Your Business Etiquette in Mexico include:

  1. Communication
  2. Business cards
  3. Proper dress
  4. Social media trends
  5. Business meetings

Now let’s dive in….

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Communication is Key

First, the national language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. While most companies have people who speak English, it is appreciated that you learn at least some Spanish. We’re not saying to memorize an entire sales pitch, but  they do appreciate any effort you put in. 

Also, bring an interpreter. That way there are no discrepancies due to miscommunication. In addition, Mexican culture is greatly instilled in the way of doing business.

So, learning parts of their culture is a plus

As relationships are a huge factor in Mexican business etiquette, it is important you know that they always open the floor with small talk before getting to their point. 

In many cases, they make a story out of it that circles back to the main point of the conversation. That makes it seem less abrasive as they enjoy getting to know each other beforehand. Directness is perceived as harsh in their way of doing business. 

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Lastly, when it comes to communication, be open to negotiating. Mexican business etiquette does not shy away from a good negotiator. Be prepared to come in with that plan and embrace it. The idea is to create a long standing relationship between each other. That negotiation process builds a level of trust that can impact the relationship in either direction. 

Business Cards are Everything

Thought this was a 20th century form of business? Well, think again. Business cards are a great way to stay memorable when leaving contact information with potential clients. Rather than cold calling or sending cold emails, try handing your business card with Spanish on one side and English the other. Many times, they think cold calling and emails are spam. Mexican business etiquette holds value in relationships much more and ends in loyal partners.  

Dress for the Occasion 

Mexico stands on a conservative approach when it comes to the business etiquette attire. Different regions allow for different types of business attire. For example in larger cities, be sure to wear a suit and tie. Companies in warmer climates like Cancun will allow for smart business attire with using a collared shirt instead. However, Mexicans pay attention to the way you are dressed. So, dress to impress.

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Social Media Go-To

The go-to social media business etiquette in Mexico is Whatsapp. It is the preferred way to manage messaging and group messages. 84.5% of mobile phone users in Mexico stated they are on Whatsapp. The app is an easy to use method where all members are a part of the discussion while going about their daily business routine. 

Business Meetings

Business meetings are formal and should be confirmed by both parties. Don’t be surprised if the client you are meeting with might be up to 30 minutes late. Mexicans are known to be relaxed about time, but not about the business. 

Formal lunches are a common way to conduct business meetings. Lunches are done as a second or third interaction between the client. These lunches can last up to a few hours at times. Ensure you establish that this lunch meeting is to discuss business matters so there is no confusion. Be ready to cover the bill and try to not include alcohol during these lunches as they should stay professional.

We’re Your Guide into Doing Business in Mexico

That might seem like a lot of information at once, but don’t shy away from entering the mexican market. There is great value to join.

If you are interested in learning more of the mexican business etiquette and how to enter the Mexican market, contact us at today! 

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