Mexico has seen rapid expansion across many areas in the economy and infrastructure over the past few years. One of the biggest points of Mexico’s development has been the push for more internet access throughout the region. 

Gigacable and Telia Carrier have become big players in this matter by partnering to deliver internet services to even more consumers and businesses in the coming years. 

We’re here to fill you in on: 

  • The Surge in Mexican Internet Operations 
  • Who Gigacable and Telia Carrier Are 
  • How this Affects the Mexican Business Environment

Recent Rise of Mexican Internet Usage

Mexico has become a hotspot of growth for internet usage – especially in the past decade. With Mexican citizens gaining the right to internet access in 2013, usage was encouraged and the amount of competition in the ISP market increased significantly. 

According to, “In 2018, Mexico had 82.7 million internet users, representing 71 percent of the population over the age of six and reflecting a growth rate of 4 percent from 2016 figures.” 

mexico internet

On several levels and categories, the state of Mexican internet has expanded for consumption and business applications. Activities that have increased in past years include:

  • Mobile smartphone usage 
  • Internet of Things solutions 
  • Business outsourcing 
  • Mexican eCommerce

Who are Gigacable and Telia Carrier?


In the current landscape of the Mexican internet business, Gigacable is one of the country’s foremost broadband providers to date. Out of many companies, Gigacable still remains the only operator that offers complete digital broadband services in Mexico. 

They are market leaders in the range of programming they provide to their customers. With high-speed broadband, bundling options with TV, and an expansive network, Gigacable is a big player in the Mexican market.

Think of the Mexican equivalent of AT&T in terms of size in their respective markets and product offerings.

Telia Carrier

Gigacable has chosen Telia as a partner to further develop internet offerings in Mexico and spread access to more areas than ever before. Telia is a worldwide company that focuses on fiber infrastructure and internet services to provide clients with reliable speeds and support for their online endeavors. 

The company has extensive fiber operations in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, offering services ranging from fiber installation to cloud computing. Telia’s amazing track record is a significant factor in the agreement with Gigacable to help expand internet access in Mexico.

Incoming Boost to Internet Users in Mexican Market

A key piece of this partnership lies in the fact that Gigacable now has access to Telia Carrier’s vast fiber network and expertise. The knowledge base of Telia combined with the regional know-how of Gigacable has the potential to expand the number of web users several times over. 

From growing businesses to individuals, this new venture can provide millions with better connectivity to the internet and cloud services. 

With improved access, more Mexican citizens can consume, interact and develop products and businesses better than ever before. 

Multiple business meetings taking place in a cafe setting.

In addition, even more Mexicans will add to their knowledge with new information becoming available to them and become more informed consumers when making purchase decisions.

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