Brazil has the largest and most developed e-commerce market in Latin America, ranking 10th in the world for most e-commerce sales. This makes Brazil’s online market one of interest to investors.

As the number of internet users making purchases online increases, it is important to understand how to reach consumers online through effective digital marketing plans for the Brazilian market.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Brazilian Segmentation and Demographics
  • Brazilian Consumer Behavior and Spending Trends
  • Brazil Consumer Profile
  • Where Brazilians Interact Online
  • Final Steps to Marketing in Brazil

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5 Brazilian Demographics

Here are a few main demographic factors of Brazilians! Additionally, we’ve provided insights on how to use these factors to your advantage in the hopes of successfully selling your product or service in the country.

1. Portuguese is the official language but Brazilians speak in many different ways

You will want to primarily target Brazilian Portuguese speakers, seeing as that is the most widely used language in the country. With that said, also keep in mind that there are variations in how Brazilians speak.

The colloquial version of speaking Portuguese, for instance, is different than formal Portuguese and should be considered whenever you are devising marketing material to promote your product.

English Words in Keyword Research

Additionally, when doing keyword research for your product or service, you should be aware of some of the terms Brazilians will use in English instead of their language.

Because of the dominance of English as a business language, much of the tech sector creates new words in English that the rest of the world adopts. 

For instance, check out how many terms in English come up for this keyword research in Portuguese for the Brazilian market:

PRO-TIP! Always check with native speakers for the correct words used in their language for your key terms!

Spanish, German, Italian, English, and varying Indigenous languages are also spoken throughout Brazil but wouldn’t be as critical in distinguishing when marketing to the population at large.

2. Identities vary by region

Understanding the cultural differences of regions within Brazil will help you localize content for your different audiences. There are 26 states in Brazil, each with cultural distinctions and identities you will want to be aware of.

Be sure to do specific research on any customs, practices, and ways of doing business depending on your region of Brazil. 

Brazil map of consumer groups and regions

The main cultural groups in Brazil are:

  1. Paulistas – Residents of São Paulo, the industrial heart of Brazil
  2. Cariocas – Inhabitants of the marvelous sea-side city of Rio de Janeiro 
  3. Mineiros – Rural, agricultural residents in the central state of Minas Gerais
  4. Baianos – Reigning from the land of pristine beaches along the Atlantic ocean 
  5. Gauchos – Hailing from the southernmost tip of the country, bordered by the Atlantic ocean, Argentia, and Uruguay 

3. The majority of the population is age 25-54, and it leans slightly toward female

Most consumers are adults that are easily able to access online media.

Additionally, more than half of these adults are considered to be middle class and differ from the rest of the population when it comes to which social media platforms they hang out on online.

Targeting the right online platforms will help you further penetrate the market.

Brazil 2020 population pyramid

Knowing which demographics are on which platforms are extremely important depending on who your target audience is. 

4. The population is heavily distributed towards coastal cities

Large cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, have a very heavy population concentration. These cities tend to be located close to the coast for easy access to waterways. 

rio de janeiro beach GIF

Focusing advertisements and online campaigns in large, densely populated cities is likely to result in further advertising through word of mouth marketing.

The chance of a viral trend taking off is much higher in areas with more people to see, access, and share what they find online.

But don’t forget the huge metropolitan markets in places outside of larger cities like São Paulo. You will find your campaigns to work on the outskirts of São Paulo in places like Campinas, Limeira, and Ribeirao Preto.

Make sure to target them!

5. Over half of the population is Roman Catholic with a rise in Protestantism 

The majority of Brazilians are affiliated with some form of religion. It is important to be mindful of your online media to ensure that it does not come off in a way that would be offensive. 

On the other hand, there is a very liberal movement happening in Brazil – depending on what your product is, you would want to market to the right audience.

For instance, if you are selling an item like bar shampoo that appeals to the more “liberal” crowd, you would want to consider appealing to a less-conservative market in your advertisements.

The influence of religion also translates to consumer buying habits, which are typically more reserved and conservative than other countries.  Let’s look at some more spending habits of Brazilians in the next section.

Brazilian Consumer Behavior: Spending Trends in Brazil

The underlying cultural elements of Brazilians have shaped Brazilian consumer spending trends.

Cashing Out Make It Rain GIF by Dumbfoundead

In this section, we will give you a few things to keep in mind when examining the buying habits of the Brazilian consumer.

1. Conservative habits and money-saving practices 

Brazilians are generally more conservative with their spending. They have reservations when buying goods that aren’t essential and they are easily swayed by a price tag. 

2. Emphasis on value

When advertising a product or service, it is important to explain the value that you’re providing. Brazilians place a strong emphasis on the benefits that they are getting from a product or service.

Online consumers can easily research competitors and will choose the good that offers them the most value for their money.

3. Brand loyalty

Brazilians are generally loyal to a brand if they have found one that they enjoy. Offering promotions or special sales to repeat customers is one way to ensure these consumers stay loyal. 

4. Omnichannel experiences 

It is important to diversify your online media presence through multiple different channels. Consumers may prefer to view photos on an Instagram account, purchase goods directly from a company’s website, receive updates and promotions through a personal email, or a combination of multiple channels.

In order to satisfy all types of consumers, you should make information available on several different platforms to help them find what they are looking for. 

Likewise, having multiple platforms available for consumers offers the element of convenience, which may contribute to the perceived value a consumer is getting out of a product or service.   

4 Brazilian Consumer Profile Examples 

The variety in cultures and regions in Brazil results in a variety of Brazilian consumer profiles. Here are four examples of consumers with various interests, mindsets, and lifestyles that contribute to different purchasing decisions.

1. The Intellectual

This Brazilian consumer is very aware of what is going on around her and takes a more logical approach to buying.

Interested in cultural experiences and travel, this Brazilian buyer likes visiting museums and libraries and appreciates a global perspective.”

a Brazilian consumer profile examples

2. The Adventurer

This consumer is willing to spend more money on a fun and unique experience.

To appeal to this group, position your brand as affordable, creative, and individual.

brazil consumer profile example

3. The Believer

For this consumer, decisions are made mostly based on one’s ethics and values.

You need to champion reliability, experience, and connection to win this Brazilian buyer over.

consumers in brazil

4. The Party Go-er

This type of consumer is always up to date and informed on any trends, and willing to spend money to be a part of those trends.

To capture these users’ attention emphasize aspirational elements of your brand and focus on digital marketing.

brazil consumer report

Remember To Do Your Research!

While these are some examples of consumer profiles, they are certainly not all examples. You want to make sure to do specific research on your target market in Brazil when marketing to Brazilians.

brazilian consumer spending

Where to Advertise to Brazilian Consumers Online

Brazil’s economy is beginning to take off, specifically the e-commerce segment. This is where the 100+ million Brazilian consumers online will be making their purchasing decisions.

That is why it is important to understand where Brazilians are interacting and engaging online when deciding to sell products or services in the country.

Most notably, you should advertise to Brazilians on social media.

On average, Brazilians spend 4 hours and 45 minutes on mobile devices each day! That’s a ton of time for you to be able to grab their attention while they are on their phones.

Check out this graphic on the frequency of app use by Brazilians. You will see that a huge number of Brazilians check several apps at least once every hour, indicating that the use of mobile devices is very high.

frequency of app use by Brazilians
Source: PagBrasil

These particular app frequencies also indicate that Brazilians are using their mobile devices for communication and messaging purposes.

Now let’s look at where these Brazilians hang online the most while they are on their phones (in terms of the number of users)!

1. Facebook

Facebook logo

50% of all smartphone users check their devices immediately after waking up in the morning. Along with that, 25% of Brazilian Facebook users open the app at least once a day.

2. Twitter

Twitter logo

Brazilians are using social media, specifically Twitter, more and more frequently to receive news and updates rather than using traditional news platforms.

3. YouTube

Youtube logo

YouTube allows companies to give users a personal and informative look at a product or service. Companies that offer product tutorials or demonstrations through online videos help answer questions and avoid confusion from consumers.   

4. WhatsApp

whatsapp logo

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for users who may have a limited messaging cell phone plan but still, want to frequently communicate with others.

Companies who offer mobile websites and apps have been able to take advantage of the online consumer marketplace and connect to consumers on a personal level, by literally delivering information directly to the hands of the consumer through their cell phones.

The Final Steps to Marketing Success in Brazil  

In order to capitalize on the Brazilian market, companies need to have a strong online presence. It is important to be available to consumers and create content that they will want to share. 

After you have understood the potential for your market online, you can follow these steps to get your product/service successfully marketed in Brazil.

Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience

Assess the demographics, psychographics, trends, and cultural habits of the consumers that you want to attract in Brazil.

Step 2: Locate Your Audience

Find where your target audience interacts online and make sure to have a presence on those platforms to be able to reach your audience.

Step 3: Create Content

Create interesting, informative, shareable, and appropriate content for your respective demographics.

Step 4: Be Active Online

Stick to a consistent schedule of when to post online and be active on your platform(s) to increase engagement with your Brazilian consumers.

Step 5: Monitor and Revise

Monitor your feedback and revise your strategy as needed. You are sure to come across various successful and unsuccessful online campaigns that you will want to improve, reuse, or terminate.

On-The-Ground Strategists that KNOW the Brazilian Consumer

Keep tabs on our insights blog for updated research as Brazilian consumer behavior and trends continue to shift.

Remember that when opening into the Brazilian market, it is important to work with people who understand the consumers there the most – who better than actual Brazilians?

Contact us at to work with experienced, on-the-ground Brazilian strategists to help you create and run digital marketing campaigns made specifically for the Brazilian market.

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