Over the past few years, Brazil has embraced the usage of the internet and more importantly, online shopping. And now more than ever, due to COVID-19, the use of online shopping is becoming more and more common. Because of the rise in online shopping, there are SO many different payment options to choose from.

With the increase in online shopping, the question of payment methods best suited for e-commerce in Brazil arises.

Keep reading to find out about the most common digital payment methods to consider for your online business in Brazil! Here is an overview of what this article will cover:

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Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most common method used for online payments. In fact, they make up about 71% of e-commerce payments in Brazil! 

brazil digital payment: credit cards

However, it is important for you to differentiate between national and international credit cards.

National credit cards only process payments in Brazil’s currency, Brazilian Reais (BRL). While international credit cards process payments in both foreign and local currency. 

Most Brazilian buyers only have access to national credit cards. Only about 20% of Brazilian credit card users have access to international credit cards! 

So, when offering a credit card as a payment method to your Brazilian customers, make sure to offer both national and international credit card options!

However, it’s important to note that credit cards are just one of the payment methods you can offer. Keep reading to find out about other payment options!

Boleto Bancario

Translated, Boleto literally means “ticket.” Boleto Bancario is a cash-based payment process. It is a popular method for those who either do not have a bank account (“unbanked”) or those who choose not to pay through their bank account for security reasons.

Customers are issued a barcode which they can later use to complete an online purchase. These barcodes can be printed or scanned using any mobile device. 

online payments in brazil: boleto bancario barcode

It allows payments either through bank accounts or cash payments. This way, customers who do not have a bank account or choose not to pay through their bank account can pay with cash at any given bank.

Boleto Bancario makes up about 21% of online payments, so you’ll be missing out on a huge e-commerce market within Brazil if you ignore offering Boleto to your customers!

E-Wallets (Digital Wallets)

E-Wallets refer to digital wallets similar to those in other countries. This method includes options such as PayPal and Shopify. Customers can transfer money from their bank accounts to these digital wallet platforms.

These platforms then enable customers to pay for online purchases by transferring funds from their digital wallets. 

Brazil payment options: digital wallet companies

Digital wallets currently make up about 8% of online payments. However, according to experts, Brazil’s enthusiastic approach to the digital wallet payment method indicates that this method may soon rival the use of cards as the common way to pay online by 2021!


Finally, installment payments are very common in Brazil – especially in high-value transactions! 

These payments are interest-free for the buyer and are collected month-by-month by the merchant. Anywhere from 3-to-12 month installments are common.

Approximately 60% of e-commerce purchases are made using an installment plan, so you’re going to want to provide this option to your Brazilian customers!

Grow Your E-Commerce Business in Brazil Using Multiple Payment Methods

Entering the Brazilian e-commerce market is tricky, especially when looking at things such as the multiple e-commerce payment options. 

But rest assured, because we’re here for you! Contact our digital marketing strategists at hola@colibricontent.com for any of your Brazil e-commerce questions or for a free market entry strategy plan!

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