Imagine: you’re at home, it’s cold outside, the lockdown is still in place, and Christmas is a few weeks away.

As you scramble to find gifts for your loved ones, you realize that there are more options through e-Commerce sites. 

They are convenient, reliable, sustainable, and you don’t have to get off the couch to buy them. 

People everywhere are coming to the same realization and Global e-Commerce is booming! 

Let’s dive into the main factors that have led to this increase and why it won’t be changing anytime soon.

Global E-Commerce is Sustainable 

It has become trendy to be green, but even though it’s fashionable- it is great for the environment, something that e-Commerce sites are aware of. 

If you go to certain websites there are some that insert sections dedicated to sustainability, detailing: 

  • How their products are made from sustainable material, 
  • How it packages sustainability
  • And what sets them apart from competition.

It’s worthy to note that some global consumers are more into sustainability than others.

One in five Germans are willing to spend extra money for a more eco-friendly option when paying for shipping.

Americans, are more likely to buy a product that is sustainable – so long as it’s a cost-effective option. 

This can be explained due to cultural differences as Germans often embody qualitative factors over quantitative factors. 

Lastly, by buying online consumers are able to reduce driving by staying at home to purchase items through e-Commerce sites. 

By reducing the miles that they run, there is a decrease in gasoline consumption and air pollution. 

Global E-Commerce = Convenience 

Most of us would argue that if we could spend the majority of our day accomplishing our tasks whilst in bed, curled up underneath a blanket., as we watch our favorite tv show, we would. 

While there are many tasks that require you to physically remove yourself from the couch and move, shopping on e-Commerce sites allows this ideal fantasy to become our new reality! 

With the convenience of Global e-Commerce, people can do curbside pickup or order online through an app.

Furthermore, if you are a business that is looking into going digital, you can benefit greatly from the positive impacts that come from this service. 

You are able to reach a new target audience that you previously were unable to due to your location and you can minimize the amount of operational upkeep.

Health and Safety 

Currently with the Covid-19 pandemic, many firms have transformed into an online business. 

With the restrictions in place, many businesses are unable to open their doors – so e-Commerce sites enable them to get their services out there.

This is beneficial for two main reasons: 

  • It allows for consumers to obey social distancing and stay at home orders. Currently, many countries are still in lockdown.
  • Many workers face job constraints that hinder their ability to take their paid time off which results in employee burnout and higher rates of depression. 

With these health concerns, an added benefit to moving online is allowing employees to work under less rigid hours, which can create health benefits. 

Let’s Grow Your Global E-Commerce Today

With a more globalized world and the expansion of digital e-Commerce, now is a great time to drive up traffic to your business by exposing it to the global shopping market! 

Luckily, here at Colibri Content we have a diligent team of digital marketing strategists who are in the know about relevant e-Commerce techniques that are applicable to your business! 

For any questions/inquiries, reach out to us today!


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