Brazil’s Ministry of Environment reversed their initial decision of canceling UN Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week after receiving pressure from Antonio Carlos Magalhães Neto, mayor of Salvador.

Antonio Carlos Magalhães Neto
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In recent news, Brazil’s minister of environment, Ricardo Salles, made a statement that his ministry will now join all events leading up to Latin American Climate Week 2019, even though Brazil withdrew its offer to host the event earlier this year.

Get the Facts

Climate Week is an integral part of a regional summit forum that encourages dialogue among governments in support of national climate pledges, like the rebuilding of our precious ozone layer.

Why Is Climate Week Important?

Proposed by the UN, Latin American Climate Week is important because companies negotiate technologies that fight against the emission of harmful pollutants, such as machines that work with alternative energy sources.

what is climate week

Climate Week has a positive correlation with both educating and connecting companies to sustainable resources for their businesses.

So What Actually Happened?

The event was supposed to be hosted from August 19-23 in Salvador, Brazil.


  1. The Brazilian government initially canceled the event because they claimed it would cost too much – but other sources claim that the costs of Climate Week are paid for by the UN.
  2. Salles claimed that it was canceled because he believed it would only promote the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), rather than rally support for climate change.

Regardless of the reason, Brazil faced backlash from key political allies such as Neto and other countries like Chile, who had to scramble to fill Brazil’s shoes as host.

Brazil’s Role in Environmental Preservation

Brazil claims more than half of the Amazon Basin and is an integral country for the preservation of natural resources.

Brazil Amazon rainforest
Aerial view of the Amazon

Because of this, some find it shocking that the Brazilian government was so quick to cancel such an important event for climate conservation, considering the recent Amazonian tribe lawsuit favoring land preservation.

The cancelation shows just how low Brazil’s cooperation has been with regional environmental initiatives in recent years.

However, they are taking steps in the right direction by promising to attend Latin American Climate Week.

How Climate Week will Affect Business in Latin America

Along with other impending changes to the Latin American economy in 2019, Climate Week will definitely have an impact on business in Brazil.

climate week benefits

The goal of the Latin American Climate Week is to urge countries to switch to environmentally-friendly processes to help alleviate pollutants from entering the atmosphere and altering our climate.

The interesting part?

The forum also targets large corporations that use a lot of energy to manufacture their products and services. Because of projects like this, we can see an increase in:

  • Pressure to use environmentally-friendly technology
  • Pollutant control in factories
  • Laws pertaining to energy-use and waste standards

Due to the push towards conservation, businesses can capitalize on this opportunity by:

  • Switching to cleaner technologies
  • Making a public effort to Go Green
  • Donating to environmental conservation funds

This will look good on companies entering or already situated in Latin America because it follows the trend to stop climate change and protect Earth’s natural resources.

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Will Brazil keep its word and attend all of the events leading up to Latin American Climate Week? What does Climate Week mean for the evolution of business processes in Hispanic nations?

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