Trying to decide where in LATAM to do business? We recommend looking at Colombia, especially if you are in the creative industry! 

The Colombian economy has boomed in recent years and is currently the fourth-largest economy in LATAM.

One of the main reasons for this is because of Colombia’s Orange Economy.

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Orange Economy Report

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Origin of the Orange Economy

The Orange Economy is the creative economy in Colombia. It merges different creative sectors to create products of artistic or cultural significance.

The Orange Economy came to be when the Colombian government realized the importance of creativity for the country. As a result, they created more projects and initiatives to influence people to use their creativity.

In addition, the Colombian Bank Bancoldex wanted to fund the expansion of creativity because of its importance. Bancoldex then created ‘Orange Bonds’.

Orange Bonds were created to give money to those who were trying to get into the Orange Economy and are very valuable.

They are so valuable that on Auction Day, more than 300 investors were bidding on more than $120 million worth of bonds!

Drivers of the Orange Economy

Since it was created, the Orange Economy has contributed over $11 billion to Colombia’s economy! Here are a few of the main drivers that have allowed the Orange Economy to boom:

  • Harness Creative Industries to Create More
  • Provide Better Rights of Ownership
  • Increase of Digital Technology

Each of these factors has created a unique situation that allowed this economy to grow.

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Market Outlook and Growth

The Orange Economy is expected to continue to growing.

Wondering what areas within the creative industry are expected to grow? We will tell you just a few right now!

  • Platform Cooperativism
  • Empowering Women in Tech
  • Artists as First Responders
  • Amplified Culture and Landscapes

The Orange Economy has potential to grow in all parts of Colombia, but has especially immense potential in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital.

There are even plans to build an “Orange District” in the center of Bogotá. This district will be an area of commerce, cultural exhibition, renovation, and art creation!

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Orange Economy Report

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