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The Colombian Police is arranging to obtain an artificial intelligence cyber surveillance software that will give them access to popular messaging systems like WhatsApp and social media in Colombia. 

So, you must be thinking:

How and why are Colombian police monitoring the social media accounts?

How will this affect citizens that are avid social media and internet users?

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What, Why, & How Police Will Monitor Social Media

In July of this year the Colombian National Police opened a bidding for technological companies to enter a spying software that the police will use.

So far there have been three offers, but they have all been rejected because they did not meet the requirements.

Needless to say, there are a lot of requirements that the Police need from this system.

To name a few, the cyber intelligence system needs to: 

  • Monitor activity on social media and messaging networks
  • Geolocate accounts 
  • Identify popular accounts
  • Determine identity of users
  • Identify behavioral patterns

According to the director of the Colombian National Police Intelligence Directorate, DIPOL, the software will be used for crime prevention purposes only.

The software will help the police have an eye on crimes such as drug trafficking, child pornography, banking fraud, and other potentially illegal activity.

With Colombia’s Internet access still reaching new places and more of the Colombian population becoming dependent on the Internet, crime rates will likely increase.

So this is a good thing right?

Well, some Colombian citizens don’t think so.

In the past, there have been multiple scandals involving authorities abusing police equipment for personal use. So it’s understandable why Colombian citizens are nervous. 

But there’s no reason to fret.

DIPOL has emphasized that they will only use public information that is voluntarily shared by users in profiles, comments, etc.

Impact on Colombian Online Activity

So how will this affect citizens and the online activity in Colombia?

Since social media has become such a big role in the lives of almost everyone, the amount of usage of social media in Colombia will definitely not change.

But now that the public is aware of this police initiative, the Colombian population will most likely be cognizant of information they post and Internet searches conducted.

This software not only will aid the Colombian Police to reduce crime, but will make e-commerce safer. E-commerce websites hold a lot of information about their customers, which makes these businesses a target for crimes.

With this software, online shopping will gain customer trust, financial safety for the customer and owner, and increase sales.

This cyber software could be a win – win situation for Colombia, but only time will tell!

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